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Diabetes in Children

I just don't get it experts say diabetes in kids don't respond to meds or insulin.They admits diabetes is preventable and curable by eating better. Explaining that sugary drinks like sodas should be remove from schools to help our kids. So what do they say will solve the problem? Tax on the sugary culprit that's making these kids sick.

I simply can't see the logic in charging a food tax on soft drinks and foods causing this disease. If there's snakes on the plane that's killing the passengers you don't charge a tax to end the suffering. You remove the snakes.

Experts found that diabetes is a diet, nutritious, lifestyle disease. We simply need to eat right. Our young diabetics is having strokes at án early age. They are having fatal heart attacks by age 20.

The thing to do is turn the (weapons) non nutritious foods into (plow shears) food that make well, instead of charging a tax on foods that kill overtime while healthy foods that's more costly gets passed over, out of reach for those unable to pay more.

If those most effected can't afford the cost of a healthy diet how are they to afford the cost of a unhealthy diet. They will be forced to continue eating unhealthy just paying more to do so. I simply don't see the logic.

I just don't get it, but I do get it.
Money is the root strengthing the thinking behind this logic to charge a tax on foods that kills rather than cease the manufacturing of this poisons for monetary gains.

We see this same logic in cigarette taxes. Instead of eliminating the nicotine that's causing the cancers, they charge smokers a tax to smoke their cancer sticks. Smokers continue to smoke eventhough cigarettes are costly. I admit anti smoking campaigns and advertisings has worked decreasing the percentage of cigarette smokers from the glory days of "its cool to be a smoker" back in the 1940's and 60's to the smokers of today. Still today new smokers jump on the smoke wagon at an early age.

So problem solved? I don't see the logic, but I do.

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