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The Highlight of My Night

A school field trip to Raleigh NC
get latest technology
for Windows Phone 7 applications

Silverlight, XNA coded together
programmer's gaming dream
delightedly, designed new app on way home

Windows Phone 7 Camp 2011
was highlight of my night
learned more in five hrs. than five yrs.

Not to mention, automatic "a"
for attending seven hrs. lecture
on campus of North Carolina State University

Noon dinner subs, pasta salad, and cookies 
with sweet tea, okay, tasted good
at least they feed us, most do

Left early by two hrs., due to long trip home
three hours van ride, surfed net, and
instructors took turn driving, creating game apps

had the best seat in the van
up front with programming lovers, my instructors
asking questions, learning new way to get thing done

The wretches of my mind silenced
when my teacher showed me how to print screen
from my iPad 2 wow was all that came to mind


was also what came to mind when I read this Barbara! You captured the mood of the piece so well... I should know, since I'm also fiddling around with a new IPad and I am techno challenged!;)
Thanks for the smile!


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