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My First Review

Many know me as paul the co founder of neopoet. chair of the chat department and all the fancy titles given to me. Today I actually want to say thank you to a website I helped build we can talk about the irony later. To my neopoet family and my fellow artists of the written word. I urge to continue on your path. Even if you write for your own bloody sanity please don't put down that pen. Today I will like to celebrate with you this accomplishment it has been a humble honor serving as a simple member let alone trustee. your faith in neopoet speaks volumes I speak for myself and can almost guarantee allot of others when I say neopoet is my family and families stick together


The big Apple...pretty damned amazing! Pretty Damned Great!
I like your writing....its quirky and an approach that most people
can relate well too because its like most people read! And think!
I like your subway poems....A hands on approach to seeing things
with the struggle that many feel....Your Co-founded "Neo" has
become "Our Neo".....we got adopted and adopted right back!
Sticking together is a fam biz! And your review to me is big
biz! Congratulations Paul!!

Mr Esker

It was a pleasure to read the review on "Through These Lenses" and good to know that your next book is in the making.

Words aren't enough to express gratitude for your co-creation of Neopoet. It is a privilege to be a member of Neopoet and a great learning experience for an amateur like me.

Warm regards,

raj (sublime_ocean)

That is awesome!


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