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November 2019 Contest Result

Congratulations to the winner: Eumolpus
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Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

October 2019 Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Mark!
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

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• War and Crime •

There was a country
Where the sun often smiles,
Where peace and unity reigns,
Where hope leads the people to a great future,
But something happened one day.
And it started from our home
That the sun could not beam its face with smiles again.
It disappeared and reappeared in a black garment.
Now the peace and unity has taken to their shells, like the wise tortoise.

Last Night

Every time
I feel it's last night

they help me with
sea dishes
full of delight

my system packs up
ere its sunlight

I ask myself
where has it gone

Last Night

take delight me is still

for another

no rage
no fright
it may again
not be my last


Her purple-dyed faux fur jacket
made her look like one of those
lucky rabbit feet on a chain

Oblivious to the stares
she strutted her stuff
in her Uggs and Lapland ear-muffed hat

Eyes glazed in shopping mode
she ran rampant through her list
wrestling her credit to the ground

Elbows bloodied from making way in the crowds
she's good with her social-conscience
she refrains from kicking them when they are down


In a world full of sorrow, 

I will be the light

In a place full of wrongs

I will make it right

Sorna vs Ashik

Sorna vs Ashik

Endless love

The spark that lit my hope
Providing a nimbus glow to my soul.
A friend in a dark place,
Guiding my path and protecting me
from the traps of my enemies

Droplets of your affection
Could fill the hole in my broken heart
Overflowing with happiness,
Cascading with joy,
And dispersing traces of depression in me

A shining star in my life,
You show me the light
At the end of the tunnel,
Your words are rare gems to me
Each meant to show me the road to success.


The water
Was getting cold
When you entered
The bathroom,
To see
If I had washed

Bending down
To hook
A loose strand
Of wet hair
In place
Behind my ear
With one hand
While gently cradling
My cheek
In the other.

Your eyes left
Burning questions
Deep within
That silence
You seem to create
Wherever you went.

• Where do broken dreams go •

Where do dreams go?
Do they hide under the rotten trees of the unknown garden?
Are they under the sinking soil of the Atacama, the dreaded desert
At times I wonder where this fantasy of “reality” is buried
After the visit of its killer by nature or by chance
Or maybe they are held by the creatures of large feathers and gracious crowns,
Due to the un-actualization of the unfortunate
This gets me puzzled
As I ask myself again where do dreams go to?
Do they go on holiday?
Or probably take some official off from workplace?

Alpha Child

Greatness, my child, is your lot,
the golden dream after which for you I seek,
even before my first glance at your face,
so had I prayed.

I prayed the rivers,
I prayed the gentle dews,
I prayed the glorious sways,
of joy in your arteries to perpetually flow.

Alpha child, my heartbeat I bare,
that you climb the wind to your sky,
stand on the scalps of the mountains,
to mount the throne of your greatness.


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