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November 2019 Contest Result

Congratulations to the winner: Eumolpus
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

October 2019 Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Mark!
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.

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Autumn’s Lovelier Nights (CONTINUUM)

A continuum poem

These are leaves
which surround me
in my back yard
as autumn advances
the night is always young
as I peep
through my window daily
all passers by smile at me

are you composing poetry
the night makes me dream
of the morn yet to be born
ere arrives another fresh dawn
another autumn is newly sworn

Adventures in a Campervan in the Bible Belt

My adventurous resolve to tour that lovely area
Of the USA amusingly known as Jesusland
Was prompted by the classy Jerry Springer Show
And the sophisticated guests I have seen thereon:
Who can forget those KKK wizards and fierce rednecks
Fighting to preserve their ancestral way of life?
Not I! And how I have longed to visit the Old South
To see its colonial mansions and graceful towns,
Albeit preferably behind bullet-proof glass,
For safety's sake..

Fragility of Life

Brought home to me again
Another friend leaving without saying goodbye.
In the confusion I try to remember their names.
As I cant fathom why?

"Roy" from next door the salt of the Earth,
He left alone to journey on,
Though remembered in all the things he shared.
Captured pieces he gave without care

"Jim" an engineer friend.
I see his work each day,
A gift of the Bounty made with the love of making.
It sits there as a tribute to his way.

Compulsion Petrarchan Sonnet. November Competition

I am the sensation of the century
All obsolete ideas have taken flight
I will save you, free you, no need to fight
Vote for me I have charisma, pedigree
This one system will stop all treachery
There is no harm within the flashing light
Listen hard, as what I say is right
Emotions ,are just virtual memory

Starting from Scratch (Sonnet contest)

When was the world not total madness,
When did everybody start complaining?
The meat is overcooked or it’s raining.
The emperor is married to a hag, so sad!

It’s time for boys to test skills in battle,
It’s time for girls to breast feed babies.
The old ones die of sadness or disease
While the bells of madness rattle.

The hours pass in phases of the moon
And days in slow-moving seasons.
There’s never a moment’s peace or reason
From the commotion that living consumes.

Time and Again

Yesterday was a day
tomorrow a may
only real is a today

a great guy hath said
yesterday has no
tomorrow has
today has one only
as tomorrow may
may not come your way
use it as a today
use the today's
as an opportunity
as yesterday sleeps
tomorrow dangles
in the air
so of today
take due care
all Neopoets

Snow Date... November Sonnet Contest

Shall we prepare love, for a winter's day?
A snow filled sally to a sloping hill
You have a car sir and I have a sleigh
We have warm clothes love, please do say you will

A fire to warm us, we can be alone
A picnic basket, filled up with delights
Won't say where we go, and turn off the phone
We will stay for hours, mayhap until night

A sonnet for you, kisses for my face
Wine with the cheeses chocolate candy
Come with me darling, down hill we will race
It will be such fun, it will be dandy

For the greater good

Our views are skewed,
Dreams shattered into bits
We only saw the bigger picture
Which beclouded our judgment
What have we become?

We were saints who
Champion the cause,
Darkness allures us and
We lost our human empathy. The chasm
Between good or bad became void

Our sins are like ice shards
Beautiful but deadly,
The decision is made already,
A Machiavellian method,
All done for the greater good.


the world is sick of love
it’s abundant on the carnival of streets
everybody says they love everybody
jesus loves you god loves you
salami and baloney sandwiches love you
amazon prime loves you
your facebook friends send hearts and kisses
your dog loves you
you even say you love yourself sometimes

but of compassion
tres peux

excuse me

It was a cold day in hell
Fire had flickered and sputtered
Ultimatums uttered
On angry ears words fell

Arrogantly perceiving
Simplicity compounded

No timid docile flower here
I stand proudly on my ground,
My message glaring, blatantly clear
A frozen hell is all that's found!


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