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Community News

AC Election: Announcement (January 2020)

Our election begins today, with the following individuals on the ballot:

Roscoe Lane
Miranda Ortiz
Edna Sweetlove
Alan S Jeeves
c lynn brooks

The election will continue until Saturday, February 1st (5 pm Eastern Time).

You may view the voting guide (and candidates may update their responses) here:


Chat is back and it's only gotten better! If you are free this Saturday at 9 PM eastern time come join our host in a night that will keep you, entertained and will expose that dark side of you, you never wanted to show. Join in on a night to remember bring your dark side and let''s celebrate chat's return.

January Contest Announcement!

Open to all members
Start/end date: Wednesday, January 1, 2020 to Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Welcoming in the new year or ushering out the old

Contest description:
Since it is a new year let's write about either the beginning of the new year or the end of the old. Must be in quatrains but doesn't have any other restriction other than length. Please keep poem under 9 quatrains

December 2019 Contest Result

Congratulations to the winner: Geezer
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.


The Neopoet Administrative Council and Trustees announces the formation of the Cabinet. This body will work closely with the AC and the Trustees. The AC will continue focusing on policy, on approving new Advocates, and managing disputes between members, and will continue to have final authority in those areas, even in the event a dispute involves a Cabinet member. The Cabinet will be focused on day-day management of volunteer positions, such as the Guides and Workshop programs, on managing our social media program, and when relaunched, on our chat program.

It is with great pleasure to announce that the following individuals have been chosen to represent Neopoet in the Cabinet:

Jonathon (pugilist) as the chair of the Cabinet
Paul as co-chair of the Cabinet
Mark as secretary to the Cabinet
Jess (weirdelf) as our Workshop Coordinator
Guy (Geezer) as our Community Outreach Director
Tonya as our Social Media Expert

Please help us in congratulating these individuals who represent the ideals, values, and strengths that we believe will move Neopoet into the future.

Open Nomination Period

The open nomination period for the next Administrative Council is underway:

Nominate yourself or any other member for the AC at:

Nominations are accepted until midnight Eastern Time, Friday, December 27th.

We expect the election will follow shortly after the close of the nomination period.

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


You that hides

There are times as the Oceans
you are so restless that it's hard to see
To see the real you who wanders from soul to soul
Learn to drift in peace
that will be as a calm of oil covered seas.

Let not the troubles of others boil the waters that you are.
Be at peace with yourself and learn to play as the sea plays
There you must touch the shore little waves reaching out
Turn the mighty stones of the universe into sand .

A Sailor's Farewell

A Sailor's Farewell

At harbor’s entrance, Little Maid,
you waited long, till I arrived
from dankness of a seaman’s crypt;
In death my final thoughts survived.

And here, among the cry of gulls,
the sound of chugging engines’ noise
that's carried on the North Sea’s winds--
you sense my disembodied voice:

My Dear, your tears are like the pearls
from oysters in this deadly sea--
though yours sprung from two saddened eyes
that at our parting cried for me.

Table Tock Talk

of grandeur;
sift through the leaves
another girl of seven language
move the space with massive rejoice
lovers lift the Summer's weight

benefit with no regret
onto the marked kitchen store
faith that bleeds
a license to love insurance to hold

move out upon the withered Elms
linger..voiced bitter surprise;
mister without a filter
summoned a beacon fly remorse...

A Sailors Plight

A Sailor’s Plight

Another Year (January Competition)

I think I heard the clock strike twelve.
First day of a new year another number to write.
I was going to write in Roman it seems it’s the same
MMXX what the hell 2020 will do as well.

I opened the back door kicked out the year before.
Took my time to let the new year in
I can’t move so fast, and it seemed insane
To welcome another year that’s just the same

Insomniac’s Morning Reverie

The rooster crows; so ends the night,
and sluggishly I leave my bed.
My sleep? It has become a blight;
the night is long; long nights I dread.
My dogs still snooze, so does my wife;
I pinch myself: YES! I'M ALIVE—

And not in limbo; thank you, gods!

Each morning at the crack of dawn,
before I even think of showers,
I first splash wetness on my lawn,
on shrubs and plants and on my flowers.
Once more I hear the rooster crow
his lusty cock-a-doodle-doo, or so . . . .

My milkman greets me with curt nods.

Roasted Faraway (For Prof. Pius Adesanmi)

By Izunna Okafor

Beyond the shrubs of Sahara 
Lifted a munt of brainy bond 
Over the Mississippi of Ethiopia
Lofted a penner with his hunky thoughts

Across the bridge of a foreign land
Hovered a book of beautiful pages
Tightly enclaved yet as an Ireland
In a skull rounded in the clime of golden edges

Off the coast of Addis Ababa
Tears rang bell aloud
Beholding a star being staggered
In a nimbus of a faraway land 


Do not allow the belly to make you useless,
Little by little grow the bananas,
There are no shortcuts to the roof of a palm tree,
If you overtake a leader, you will break your neck.

When a fire is set to the hay,
It becomes difficult to control, be guided,
A clever king is the brother of Peace.
So I avenge hatred with loving wisdom,
For God has created lands with lakes
And rivers for man to live,
And the desert so that he can find his soul.

Country Sorrows and Country Joys

The sun, a glorious orb of burning gold
Casts its radiant life-promoting light
Upon the fertile land below, and
Long, darkling, deep'ning shadows makes.

The furrows of the ploughman's toil grim dim
And (as the sun follows its long, steep path
To that distant horizon where earth and sky do kiss)
Merge into vague, indiscriminate brownness.

Atop the hills, aglow with ruddy Abendslicht,
Sunburned autumnal copses reflect
A hundred, hundred subtle shades
Of green and brown and yellow tints.

Modern Meditation

Where is the need
to pray
lying on the sand
endeavouring to cover
secret places

Where is the need
to meditate
cross legged

one can meditate
even when walking

Love resides
in hearts
the Sun has given one
the energy to contain
as long as one lives
there is no need
to show
all are of same kind of

just pray
let all come and bow
they may
not to you
but to the sun
from where you came


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