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Winners for March 2023 Contests

Please help us congratulate Our March 2023 contest winners.

Neopoem Of The Week March 26th to April 1 2023 Contest Winner!
The winner is Alex Tanner with the poem titled Modern Times
The monthly contest Uninhibited Contest Winner!
The Winner is Alex Tanner with the poem Titled Uninhibited
The March 2023 New Member Contest Winner!
The winner is Richard Milne with the poem titled Grit
The March 2023 Challenge Winners are

Navigating Neopoet: New Member Workshop

This workshop is designed for new members but all members that want help on how to navigate neopoet join our newest workshop.

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"Neo" - Neopoet AI

Researchers are creating incredible new advances in "artificial intelligence" almost every week. While computers do not exhibit generalized intelligence, they can use advanced statistics to look at relationships in extremely large bodies of work to generate text and images that, in some specific cases, can be very useful. (In other cases, they can be quite disappointing). We first used AI three weeks ago in a workshop, and got initial feedback from members. A week ago, we introduced an experimental feature called Neopoet AI. The feedback has been generally positive, but not universally so.

It's exciting to be the first poetry community to experiment with AI.

This is, of course, an experiment. I wanted to see if AI could help poets improve their work. Some experiments fail and some succeed. I expect we will continue to tune our approach based on feedback from members.

I wanted to mention a few things we've done so far to address concerns:

- The Neopoet AI feature currently uses an OpenAI model through an API. We've confirmed that, contractually, they cannot use submissions to train or improve their AI. We've been testing a number of different prompts and other variables, so response quality has varied.

- We've created an opt-out feature.

- We've refined the way we work with the model. On Neopoet, you've always been able to select prompts like "is my internal logic consistent", and we are now including these questions as questions for the model. This has created some unexpected issues, however. When we first introduced this feature, it caused the AI model to misunderstand our ask - unfortunately this led to a few responses that were nonsensical (we quicky fixed this issue). In the interest of transparency and to foster a full discussion, we haven't taken down the poor response examples.

- Our stance is that, ethically, it must be clear to all users that computer-created content is computer-created. We now have disclosures both before and after the computer-generated text, and a link to submit feedback. We've refined these based on community input.

We welcome your thoughts on Neopoet AI as this experiment progresses.

This week the Neopoem Of The Week is Sensory Desperation is by Johnny Two Birds . Congratulations to Johnny Two Birds on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

This week the Neopoem Of The Week is Sometimes, I Cry, and That's Okay is by Kristen H . Congratulations to Kristen H on such a fine poem, To read this poem please click the link below and leave a comment.

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.


A Collection of Sorrows, Part Three.

And I will die alone, in a field somewhere
Organs and bloody bones, will decompose with hair
So why should I try to love?
What would be good for me?
I could channel all my rage, into a pit of despair
And I will drag on, till my toes catch fire
And I won’t be tempted by such evils as desire

So come, take me home, but I don’t know where
Just leave me here, and I will learn
That love can’t be made, it must be earned
And most things are not meant to be
But some things are, you must believe

A Collection of Sorrows, Part Two.

Hear me, hear me, cry, I swear to god I can see
All of the things that I have done wrong
I wish I could repent and that you could fix me
I would sing such glory repeated in songs

The things I know I can never forget
The heart I held but could never get
The strings of hearts and the marionettes that pull
The fire that claimed my beating heart
The strangers that walked me home from jail

A Collection of Sorrows, Part One.

I am the broken man who stands lighting his torch
My day was dead and my love was gone
There was no one around and no one to feel
All the things that I felt all the misgivings real

I was broken last night in the eyes of temptation
The light was burnt out and I feel lamentation
I don’t know why I did what I did
But it’s been done, so let me live

Storm Trooper...

The storm sent tiny missles to destroy my mood
Even though they struck my fortress with great accuracy
My roof protected me from the explosions of iciness
The armour of my sweater held

The wind howled like a thousand adversaries
I covered my ears with a helmet of wool
Peering over the window-sill
I saw the miniscule flares of bombs in the street-lights

Fortified by hot-chocolate
I gathered my courage and weapons
I was about to jump out of the trenches
When I heard the Man say


Write it down
Recite it in verse
Bind it to your heart

All that is gold doesn't glitter
not all fools are quitters
a loser doesn't know from the start.
Those who wander are by no means lost
Lovers don't always depart.

New shoots won't allow the old to wither
Dying roots weren't blighted from the start
There's a gremlin whose crying
for the love that lays dying -
He now regrets playing his part.

Flashback [First Poem WS]

The storm had passed
wreaking havock
so it seemed
'til the birds roused from their nests
clouds made way for sunshine
blades of grass lushed the fields
a gentle breeze heaved a sigh of relief
so I thought.
before I realized it was my breath
hope had survived anguish.

I crossed my heart
feeling blood flow through my veins again
so it felt
watching the rapids rush through ravines
I whistled to the tunes of the river song
then paused to listen to the echoes
but there were none.


Crunch of fresh night frost
welcomes tired old feet back home,
heralding new winter.

POEM'S PROGRESS ( via Haiku series )

A blank page staring
challenging me to fill it
with words of beauty

Mind searching for words
and thoughts to write in order
to form an image

Pen hand writes with care
to space and spell correctly
an eye-pleasing work

Then the moment comes
to share thoughts and words aloud
awaiting response

As Age Catches Up!

As We Age!

As age catches up,

I am now getting a feeling

We must write shorter poems

I won't say crisp,

Lest it once again causes,
A slip

In the minds of the elite

It gives them a chance
To lisp

staring at the ceiling


from the ground
the ceiling looks so much wider
from the ground
its cracks seem much finer

the paint peels -
minute flags, off-white surrender;
the paint peals -
egg shells of heavy footed plunder...

revelation fall free
on this soul that has been bound
revelation fall free,
release this pretender from the ground



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