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AC Election: Announcement (January 2020)

Our election begins today, with the following individuals on the ballot:

Roscoe Lane
Miranda Ortiz
Edna Sweetlove
Alan S Jeeves
c lynn brooks

The election will continue until Saturday, February 1st (5 pm Eastern Time).

You may view the voting guide (and candidates may update their responses) here:


Chat is back and it's only gotten better! If you are free this Saturday at 9 PM eastern time come join our host in a night that will keep you, entertained and will expose that dark side of you, you never wanted to show. Join in on a night to remember bring your dark side and let''s celebrate chat's return.

January Contest Announcement!

Open to all members
Start/end date: Wednesday, January 1, 2020 to Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Welcoming in the new year or ushering out the old

Contest description:
Since it is a new year let's write about either the beginning of the new year or the end of the old. Must be in quatrains but doesn't have any other restriction other than length. Please keep poem under 9 quatrains

December 2019 Contest Result

Congratulations to the winner: Geezer
Please visit the winning poem here:

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.


The Neopoet Administrative Council and Trustees announces the formation of the Cabinet. This body will work closely with the AC and the Trustees. The AC will continue focusing on policy, on approving new Advocates, and managing disputes between members, and will continue to have final authority in those areas, even in the event a dispute involves a Cabinet member. The Cabinet will be focused on day-day management of volunteer positions, such as the Guides and Workshop programs, on managing our social media program, and when relaunched, on our chat program.

It is with great pleasure to announce that the following individuals have been chosen to represent Neopoet in the Cabinet:

Jonathon (pugilist) as the chair of the Cabinet
Paul as co-chair of the Cabinet
Mark as secretary to the Cabinet
Jess (weirdelf) as our Workshop Coordinator
Guy (Geezer) as our Community Outreach Director
Tonya as our Social Media Expert

Please help us in congratulating these individuals who represent the ideals, values, and strengths that we believe will move Neopoet into the future.

Open Nomination Period

The open nomination period for the next Administrative Council is underway:

Nominate yourself or any other member for the AC at:

Nominations are accepted until midnight Eastern Time, Friday, December 27th.

We expect the election will follow shortly after the close of the nomination period.

The stream (all workshops)

This is the stream - you can see all poems on Neopoet, live, as they are created.



Youthful vigour buried in history.
Forsaken by her kith and kin,
Languishing in mute agony.

Naive Or Unassuming!

Reversioned poetry

Naïve or Unassuming!

A great deal
For your everlasting and solid support
As always,
albeit I impose positivity
In all human beings
I at times portray a default
though it may just be
An act of lack of wisdom


As they always said
Naivety meaning stupidity
but I learned as time lapsed
ere I really collapsed
I became unassuming
Slightly a shade better
Than being gloomy

She Needs A hug Right Now

She Needs A Hug Right now
She's thinking somber thoughts again
I can see the worry furrows
Her mouth is tightened to a frown
She says; "I'm worried don't you know"
I kiss her brow so tenderly
She must feel it matters

Seedling's seed to Earth

Seedling’s seed to Earth

Simple seedling, to seed and shoot,
I pray you grow into a peoples brute.
Quiet and soft are all good and well,
but some won’t listen until you yell.

That mother Earth a champion needs,
the bravest hero now concedes.
And though I lurch into the absurd,
the champion I plant, the simple word.

Banish tyranny’s evil sword and gun,
this is spoken battles, that must be won.
Let all that lives on this inhuman land,
know, no more will die from a raised hand.

Sweet Loneliness

Never did I encounter
Such a love that
Blossoms at the sight
Of my dismay

Oh sweet loneliness
Why, do I hold onto to you?
Have I not the strength
To bid you farewell

As I shed a rainstorm
You observe me silently
As if you fathom my
Dark skies

Loneliness, even though
You cause me harm
I have a warm place
For you in my heart

You’re unlike the rest
Oh you don’t torment my soul
Instead you embrace my agony
Leading me to believe
That someone cares


Is poetry a type of math
with measured and oft random flow
which can be charted on a graph
the kind the mathematicians know ?

Or is it some kind of an art
with strokes of pen instead of brush
where visuals are the main part
built in layers with no rush

Maybe it is pure emotion
exhibited for all to see
by anyone who takes a notion
to set their inner feelings free

Some say music's what it is
with all the rhythm and the rhyme
composed by some verbal whiz
intent on beat and keeping time

Simply Three

They Say!
They say times
Are for ever changing
All time is never the same
Tis a fact of life
But love is something
That should never change
Ah! Lust
Within the cusps of love
We must for ever retain.

Naturally Natural!
At times I love being
In my natural form
As nature saw me
When I was born,
That naturalness
Makes me love those
Who do always surround
All the year long
This life
Time around!


This piece is a co-write with my good friend Ziggy. This is a poem/song written for Candlewith (Cat). It may not be apparent exactly why we wrote it in this way and the subject matter may not be appreciated by all, that said, I can safely say this is the most important piece I have ever been involved in and I thank Ziggy for helping to create this piece. From both Ziggy and myself...welcome back Sister.



Margaret Ann Waddicor 7th November 2010.

I love silence,
its potent pregnancy,
its contrast probably because my mind's
so busy creating the sound of words
of music,
of interest in so much,
that it needs this to survive,
without burning itself up in the too much!

we all have our place of living
those tinniest of anmals live fast heart-beat lives
while huge beasts content themselves
with more peaceful pass times.

Mum kept ours in a brightly coloured tin

There weren’t very many photos back then.
Carefully stored and lovingly treasured,
Mum kept ours in a brightly coloured tin
safe on the bookshelf in our father’s den
bound with elastic to hold down the lid.
There weren’t very many photos back then.
All counted not more than fifty and ten
those black and white images remembered.
Mum kept ours in a brightly coloured tin,
hung over us like an old mother hen
when to see them we begged to be allowed.
There weren’t very many photos back then


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