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Margaret Ann Waddicor, 16th November 2010.

A moment look on high
be swallowed by the sky (I did just that and was swallowed)
self esteem find the cream/queen
deep in the mind
unless you are a sychophant
a damned great social elephant.

Prejudices ridden
illusions gone
religion's confusions cleared away
all fear of others judging
what and why you tick
whether you conform to norms


Uncoil, with gradual breaths
Open your eyes ,refocus,
 twenty twenty vision..

span the breadth
and width , expand.

Laugh, cry, scream 
Let it all out.
Expose yourself to reality.

span the breadth
and  width,

London Is Calling!

London Is Calling!

Hello all aboard
This is Londoner poet calling
Attention all Londoners
Shirley Harrison is
about to be landing

Unfurl your masks
besides her stand
Give a bouquet
or a garland in her hand
All Londoners now stand
Give a standing ovation
To dear Shirley

Who is this Neopoet?
Well known too!
Arrives now early
London to thee
Dear Shirley
Can in the din
You hear Me.?

Thieves Of Fate

harbingers, soothsayers, seers, witches
begone, scat, remove theselves
from my world's events

liars, the lot
tenders of calamity and confusion
the only fate can be known for sure
is my wrath for trifling in my presense

take thy clownish selves to partake
in a carnival of pleasures and games
jokesters and jesters by your sides
and a gaggle of ogling patrons to witness
this silly and sad melodrama you produce

mine own eyes and mind will deliver
the calculus, and decision

Just another name

just another name for home,
not a destination.
Where we all belong
and from where we came
to spread ever outwards
and manifest paradise.

just another name for home,
not a travel vehicle.
Where we all belong
and to where we came
to bring unconditional love
and manifest paradise.

just another name for home,
not a threat.
Where we all belong
and where we find ourselves
if we forget how to love
and manifest paradise.


Let festivities begin
for return of absent friend
who had gone to fight the fight
and battle with all her might

The void now filled, the home complete
let's applaud and stamp our feet
for those who wish, toss back a beer
let mirth and laughter now appear

So welcome back into the fold
share our warmth and shun the cold
( in time, perhaps, forget the pain )
and know we're glad that you're back here Jane

Just a little thing to welcome you back........scribbler


In the microcosm
Of my mind
A plethora of emotions
Race through

As the pendulum swings
My heart becomes
The sand in
An hour glass
That quickly empties

In the pits of my soul
Sorrow screams
As faith listens

Sending her legions
To fight the demons
That stirs my insides

Perplexed by
Shivering Weakness
That overpowers



Exploding supernova in a Western sky:

Mystic dark portent, or the evil eye?

Seems every hour another star in our galaxy dies:

Tell me, where did all the Appleweed take root

In our garden in the sky?


Like faceless marionettes in some grotesque display,

Contorted caricatures from some frightening play;

Sometimes, it seems that all our dreams of Passion’s endless spark

Are lost in green, or torn in twain, we take

Small solace in the dark...


Having experienced the world
I can still say,
I wish to become a teenager
All my life's way,
The angst
The fear
The heart throb
The hastening heart beat
The sweating,
The petting,
The lapping of feet
Oh what we all miss today
Is that kiss
Stolen away
Oh miss,
So smilingly
We all at
With other teens did play,
If I were to be granted as a wish
I would ask of that angel fish


Singular, alone.
A transient being ,
wandering the earth.

Connecting with some
disconnecting with others.
Assimilation of recollections.

Fated as a race to enter and exit, solo.
meanwhile waiting for the other half
of the equation..

The purpose of life is to
Forge the eternal connection.
Spiralling out only to return,
shelter from the cold.


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