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Haiku trio (Autumn)

Hush! It is evening
Nature paints her landscapes
Colors goldenrod

Autumnal changes
Ecliptic intersections
Bringing natures' dance

The autumnal feast
From the horn of plenitude
Serves celebration


"Magnolia you sweet thing
you're driving me wild" *

you shame me with that phase
for i seek you out, but i am made afraid

i understand everything
and yet that changes nothing

for even as I speak
my words remain

hanging lifeless
on a dead frame

my psyche is human
but you have become inhumane

for i am the one
who is in exquisite pain

i am but a copy, a facsimile
of my own unravelled frame...

Bonitaj 11/23/10

*song by JJ Cale about New Orleans


Prevaricate -
that’s what he called it,
but his mouth choked
on the dust
of so many lies;
not a sod of compassion
to hold a smile in place,
nor a flicker of remorse,
across that handsome face

Menacing clouds of distrust
boiled up in the sky
and rolled like moving mountains,
powerfully, swiftly into the storm’s eye.
When the fine layer of truth fell
it covered everything
like a thin veneer -
draped over a densely woven mat
of deceit and lies.


There once was a computer program
that was meant to rival man's smarts
What the program didn't know about
was the largess of our hearts

The gentleness of the soul of us
the ways we operate
Logic doesn't allow for that
but that's what makes us great

It tried to see where the problem was
why it couldn't grasp the sense
Why does man do the things he does
with no seeming recompense?

Looking out the kitchen window


my finger traces
a still barely
visible band
on my 4th finger

our ex-anniversary
is now my memory

a constant companion
to might have beens

yesterday had so much
prospect and promise
today I face a sink
full of dirty dishes


Warm Flesh

Warm flesh wrapped in a
State of grace and a white shirt --
Sombre room reflects light in
Her eyes -- rising from perusal of
Her book of dreams

Elegant scent of woman rises
From the open shirt, and
Fills the room with feminine

Hair loosely tied -- how effortless
To undo her auburn tresses and let fall
Round her eyes, offering invitation

As the bed waits to be used.


Crude, rude and outspoken.
You could say she's a ball breaker.
She takes no prisoners
Repelling all with arrogance and bluff.

Inside turmoil and anxiety
Swinging between certainty ,
And uncertainty.
Raging against society.

Classic means of defence,
is to be on the offensive .
Repelling all with arrogance and bluff.

Vulnerable, frightened creature,
Inside a hard shell..
Raging against society


These poplars stand straight and tall
slim branches bare in early winter
seeds whirly-birding as they fall
confetti for all who choose to enter.

Gray trunks a match to cloudy sky
as their limbs applaud the wind
and maybe me as I pass by
on my way to journey's end.

I've come here often in the spring
as newly minted green leaves sprout
and this copse's love birds sing
while mating squirrels run about.


Here's another oldie I dusted off.........

I'm sitting here beneath a tree
that must be thrice as old as me
and as I sit I think about
how this huge tree was once a sprout

Through all the years that it has grown
how many fields have farmers sown ?
and since it was a mere acorn
how many generations born ?

Beneath its spreading summer shade
what lovers' promises were made
while out upon an evening's lark
while carving names in smooth beech bark

Don't give me that bullcrap about trying

So, you say you tried.
Don't give me that bullshit
It didn't require
someone who'd try
and you shouldn't get in the habit
of trying anyway
just get it accomplished
display some damned
and some gumption
make it happen
The outcome should be determined
before you even start
and then your effort
produces a finality
and a completion
The result doesn't have to be perfect
or even pretty
what matters is that you
see it through, to


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