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Deleted Attitude

Ball breaker , heart taker
Urban slut, fuck that

Man eater, Micky taker,
Should know her place.
Hell no.

Foul mouth, hardened
Bitch, slag , bites back
Revenge, on the attack.

To all those who 
Attempt to label
Her fuck that

Rising From The Aftermath

Rise up from shattering
muse of future once denied,
for in the promises of hopeful climes
only strength of will shall claim demise
of vanquished dreams that halt the stride
of life
across abyss of suffering.

Reach out with sweeping
hand erasing past that yawns so wide,
for in the grime of relished crime
only blessed rise of cleansing time
defeats the constant pouring tide
of hate
across barreness of blaming.


Sitting here with pen in hand
with hopes of writing something grand
that future readers might remember
in a future's drab December

I search for a substantial topic
universal, not myopic
something not already written
that might leave just one person smitten

Maybe I could write a poem that's funny
to turn a disposition sunny
but ideas for writing humor
seem to be just distant rumor

That Guy (Now what?!)

I don't wear pajamas
kid shit
if I wore anything
(but I don't)
prob'bly be
sump'm like
"Hey Stella... Stella"
tore up tank
and maybe
some boxers
but that just means
more laundry
so I doubt they would be
any fresher than
the rest of me
by the way,
no colors, white only
on those boxers
otherwise they start lookin'
too much like
and I do not like

That Guy

I walk to the store
I hate it
not the store
the walk
I hate it
why is it so close?
not that I want a longer walk
'cause I don't
but, a block and a half drive
would make me
I hate that too!

I Am Fossil

I Am Fossil

What bits of memory do you leave behind?
Trapped within amber drops of sticky tears
When others glean from what clues they find
Will they think you bitter from wasted years?

This trunk that’s grown from sprig to stalwart tree
Shed generations of leaves and broken limbs
In yearly season cycle’s of natural decree
You reign, full of life ‘til summer dims

Creation of Shahenda

I am partly the moon
From the radiance of the sun

I am partly the earth
From the quenching of the rain

I am partly the sun
From the gravitation of the Galaxy

I am partly the water
From the winds of the atmosphere

I am partly the plant
From the photosynthesis of light

I am partly the daughter
From a father unknown

I am partly the sister
From siblings of others

I am partly the wife
From the desires of other

I am partly the maid
From the needs of gaggle


A sworded conception
Doomed from the start
Your love was too strong

Lurid in its direction
Just a diversion in your mind
Yet blindly I went on

When you left
my life shattered into Infinity,
couldn't breathe without you

Ignite a carnal resurrection
Let me live again

I am hanging on,
asphyxiating, on raw emotion.
Restore my voice.

Passion is my affliction
A terrible addiction
My drug of choice

How lovely She Awaits - 3 Haiku suite

'sweet dreams', she purrs
I roll over and tremble
thoughts of losing her

even in unveiled sadness
her beauty incites tears
I cry twice

bearing now this
loneliness 10,000 days
an old man in love

what where

what where

hour to hour
day to day
on and on
we go
to where sometimes
isn’t where it
should be

not really lost
just haven’t found
what where is.


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