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It was the darker side
I sought the hooded one
attention bought, became
my editor a die hard spell checker.

A tempo and chorus always
in mind devotion to the cause
undeniable, what an infamous
cloak for such a first class bloke.

When your health was in question
tears I did choke, I've yet to meet you
but I know your good folk, every co-write
was my delight.

Set my imagination alight the darker
recesses never seemed so bright
the knowing of you is my lasting delight.



Your desire to be accepted
Has left you blind to the truth
You're laughing stock
Behind your back they laugh and mock

You think you're respected
But actually you're rejected

Your need to be recognised
Has blinded you from reality
You're laughing stock
Behind your back they snigger and mock

You believe you are venerated
But actually you are humiliated

Black Rose

A black rose on the mantle
silently bleeds
its petals on your picture of yore
as rare as our love
which never saw light
blooming on a moonless night

As the petals are shed
memories deluge
stunted promises of love
as dry as the petals
of the weathering rose
shorn before a touch of dew

I offer those shreds
at the shrine of your soul
to rest in peace with your frame
and by its side
in a tearfull parting
I lay your picture of yore

Yearning To Touch

There are times when I see you
Yearning from the shadows
For my thoughts and touch.

I reach for you, try to feel
The warm and soft gestures
Of your rosy skin,

Feeling the ample texture
Embedded deep within
Your subtle being

Captivates me completely;
Drives my senses crazy,
Bites me intensely.

I surrender to your moans.
Pour out my obsession
To all your love bones.

Just For Tonight

Put on soft music, turn down the light
for we are together and alone tonight.
Close the curtains, unplug the phone
just for tonight, lets stay alone.
Come up close, so I can see
there in your eyes, your love for me.
Let my lips caress your face
while we share a warm embrace.
Kiss me tenderly the time is right
for we are together and alone tonight.
Take my hand and lead me to
where I can give my love to you.
Hold your body, close to mine
just for tonight let’s make the time.
Set the passion in you free

Goodna Upon Brisbane


From higher ground
to the valley below
wound through tributaries
the Bremer and Moggill
swept past my home

then slithered to the sea

an ocean of thought
this fear sets me free
my yesterdays erase
the future still unclear
each sunny day raises

a pristine cup of promise

each little drop of rain
will wash or drown
should salve these wounds
only to be wind-dried
its dust gets in my tears


The corner of 5th and Main

Dark glasses on a bus to Buffalo,
our eyes lock;
she pierces somber into my being,
we share unspoken loneliness,
connecting what conversation cannot.

We don't lose sight until we do,
my knees shake,
touched in the nine second collision,
and now the feeling of loss.


I went back to the inspiration for the 1st poem I ever wrote..............

Come my dear and walk with me
as I travel down this path.
Who knows what sights we may see
or our journey's aftermath?

Let's stroll slowly holding hands;
we'll often stop to rest
while seeing ever newer lands
pausing at the views which we like best.

We'll help each other ford the streams
and scale the steeper grades
sharing all our doubts and dreams
while hearing song bird serenades.

Where do i stand

Going through the motions day in day out
Trying to break away pulled back
Each day seems the same
Same faces
Same drive
Same conversations
Day in day out routine has taken away my freedom
Where do i stand
When my heart yearns out to be more
When my passion feels entombed
Caged wanting to tear loose
Start again, a new chapter.
One i can rewrite with a new path
Knowing where i stand.
But for now i remain wondering ....
Where do i stand

Berated, and Belated

My parents were "venti" mentors,
my grandparents were demi-gods;

close families, and other associates
did influence me, against all the odds!

I've yet to get things, exactly correct,
so, the lessons I still try, and learn;

someday, if the planets ever do line up, right
then maybe, it'll really be my turn.

Don't get me wrong, I'm as "slap-happy" as,
any simple-minded man aught ever be;


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