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I tread a worn and weary track
The risk of snipers at my back.
I’m under assault, I can’t relax,
I am alert twenty four seven.

I lose focus for one moment.
start to enjoy life,
and adversity attacks;

Bloody nose, eyes and ears
Flushed face full of tears

Full-blooded, strike back
My defence is to attack

I’m fired upon from the ranks
The guns chattering in my ears,
Need to take cover.
And toss few grenades back.

I’m out of control.
The world rejects me
And I reciprocate

Victims of Twilight

I've researched, and I've written
about when, "twilight time" appears,

history proves it's different each night
and there's something about shadows, and mirrors.

But, I can tell you something
that narrows it down, even more,

just grab an odd numbered moonbeam,
and, you'll be gone before your feet hit the floor!

That's not to say it happens, everytime,
it depends greatly, on ebb and on flow;

Shut Up Sometime

Shut Up Sometime

Some people talk too much
never shut up
and never listen

Words like rain continue to fall from their lips
a door that can't be closed
and a wooden idol that can't be heard

Shut up sometime
make the world a better place
and stop tuning out knowledge

Listen to the words of your love
shut your trap
and free the peace

Paradise Gained

Paradise Gained

You've paved a way,
To paradise you say,
You have a heart
need no brains any way

So now that you reside
In paradise all day
Donate your head and brains,
If any, to strangers
Who stray thy way?

Keep your heart anyway
Brains are a waste
Throw them away,

Yes that’s right
Straight away

More Than Words Could Ever Say

The other night, I let you down
and, I never even saw it coming;

the blues music, in the background strumming,
while you played the game.

The other day, you made it crystal clear, to me
how you were angry when we closed our eyes, that night,

and somehow, that doesn't seem quite right,
though I held you just the same;

I count my blessings, for the time I'm sharing with you;
every second, of every hour, of every day;


Too much feeling
I devised distractions.
To filter out the pain..

When you came home
The key in the lock
Made me hold my breath

I hit the dimmer switch
And you were gone,
But not for long.

So agressive , so strong
size imposing,
choking the life out of mum

Positive Energy

Bubbles floating into the conscious sea
Whipped air-borne
Riding the currents of reality.

Leached from the mind of a healthy psyche
Loosing florescent fractures of memory.

Randomly expanding and bursting free
Abstract thought
Travelling toward the outer galaxy.

Flashing atoms of luminosity
Pulsating charges of electricity.

Relaying across the synaptic tree
Exciting cognitive imagery.


Driving slowly through a predawn void
road's center line all that I can see
all senses are fully employed
to not crash into an unseen tree

Come daylight I am at my goal
as the fog begins to swirl
like water on a rocky shoal
I watch each tiny droplet twirl

It's still impossible to focus
eyes strain to ferret out detail
of objects in my present locus
along a barely seen game trail

Pillow Note

Missing me sweetheart?
I know this brought on a smile
keep it on for me

cherise chime

touch me where I burn
your pang
a key in the black latch
the long hair
like snow descending
in its fall

this burial love
that churns
beneath the winters

let me heal these
visions with hands
reading you where
they touch


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