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TImeless sound

Rhythm beat melody passion the heart the soul
A being given into a sound that echoes from the heart
Songs that have no beginning but will never end.
A tideless flow that will never cease to end.
I bury my being in a single song
eyes closed falling deeper and deeper
the words surging over me caressing my heart
Peace washing away all other thought
Nothing but notes cords melodies rushing through my head
my being encased lost in songs that speak of things lost
Songs now forgotten
But still the music lives through my soul


house whispers
pipes creak and furnace
wakes and rumbles

easier to sleep from dusk
to now Midnight clear

watch over all
until dreams catch me
until gavel bed esker reachs
and singing drumbeats
stagger me beneath aurora
ripple glow


I've learned to hide
Where you can't find me.
I am the outsider.

I cover my pain, 
Coat it with a veneer.
Of gladness. 

Humour is my weapon of choice,
And my defence.
No one knows me 

I'm out of control
So easy to hurt
i'm powerless

Seasonal Sensational Love

Seasonal Sensational Love
Let me birth the child of tomorrow,
When the sunrises a bit differently, in the room facing the west the sun rise will be shown periscopically
The sun shall never set the whole night through,
through sieves of lasers twill be seen,
When spring arrives and flowers bud
the plants will be shown
on the wall screen,
There will be no TV to be seen
When summer comes,
Lovers shall sprout
There’ll be no married ones without a doubt.


I lay my soul
To rest
After all of
The grief
And turmoil.

It is done.
The heart is tired
And the spirit
Is weak.

I shall stand aside
And let reckoning
Take its toll.

To you my dear,
The shadow
Of this clenched fist.

The Evolution of Kissing

The Evolution of Kissing

The very first kiss
Placed on the soft lips
Is a mom’s privilege
The second
Placed on the forehead
Is pops...?
Then other siblings
Will have to wait
After a few
Grannies have blessed

Then the caress
Gradually moves
On to later years

When teens grow up
The meaning of a kiss
Totally changes
As the occasion
The location
The where and when
The how and why
An intense
Sense signifies.


Margaret Ann Waddicor 19th January 2011.

Glittering hedgehogs, iced burrs,
forest sunglasses, tall firs,
grave decorations, frozen leaves,
broken stalks crossed, dead,
swords of silver, clear scabbards,
Burning Bushes, red lit fires,
feathered twigs, winter dressed birches,
Distant view, hills afloat,
misted waters, satin, silk,
needled twigs, Gram(Excaliber) crystals,
snowballs balanced, nests revealed,
gurgling streams, snow concealed.

You are Here

I wrote songs for you
before we

their melodies
in the heart of me
through my everything
calling you
from Heaven

You came

The lonely empty winter streets
Of snow covered concrete
Not a single sound is heard
But the peoples quiet retreat.
As the light of day
Makes its final escape

The warmth of spring
Seem so far away
Not even the songs
Of the mockingbirds
Can stop the cold from bringing
Winters sting upon the skin

The desolate blanket
Which covers the white landscape
Sparkles under vapor lights
That stands erect
On every city street
A beauty that few do see

Bona wrote

I clamour here

under the chalk moon

remember when your words
pressed against my happiness

now its fingers on the temple
and the wind rising

the last entries
lost per centages

and ragged in the whole


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