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Heavenly Vibrations ala inspirations

Heavenly Vibrations -ala- inspirations

Known True Facts Yet Unaccepted

Those who cross the cemetery
or are incinerated
to add to pollution
none have ever returned to say
what still expect you may
then why live in dismay
enjoy today
remember gone is gone
like is the whirling wind
slapped your face
to make you weep
or smile at your free will
at the softy
but chilly breeze

If none have come back ever
then why let greed only take over

Tomorrows poetry today

Your lovely thoughts
the flame for fame
has been now flamed
as I move along

When I was young
every other day we heard
so and so had a brother
or new born sister
so many also came along with bouquets
as it were their young to arrive kid’s
Baby’s shower

#haiku 5

coo coo coo woo woo
a male dove's quaint serenade
wooing female doves

August, 1976.

I remember a biblical and doomed August;
Long frenzied days of fire and drought.
Then vast plagues of ladybirds, swarming,

Whilst we idled on holiday, descending
Starved upon sleepy Lincoln seaside towns,
Upon that squealing spinster in Skegness

Rash in her bright sunflower yellow dress;
To see crazed arms slap at infested space,
Bolting like swine through Gerasene tombs.

Safe indoors, we scoffed tepid ice cream,
Spying red faced men wander dazed
A lorn North Parade, to sweep, to shovel,

Where Is Justice

Where is justice
when Rohingya bleeds
in the cruel grip
of hatred's breed?

The loss of humanity
brings tears to my eyes
as faces of despair
replaced the silent cries.

Where is justice
when Paris was tainted by blight
with the murder of innocents
mercy forsaken, sanity denied?

Regardless of race and religion,
people have rights
to live in peace and harmony,
free from plight.


How it all began
Societal anew plan
It's going Vegan

Thinking of creating
A voice spoke loudly

Think not of stars of the galaxy
you are not even on the Earth
worth the least
wow you have the guts
of creating Masters piece
machine gun yourself first
just be a piece
think Lovedly ye


A meaningless meandering of thoughts
Keeps me landlocked in a garden of words,
Among towering trees filled with creatures
Competing among the leaves to be named;

I am all alone in my own little zone,
Quoting from scrolls the indifferent love
From ancient philosophers which fill my head
That any hope of truth is truly hopeless.

But I have known at times the elusive laughter
That is released from the guts of a swollen cloud
The same heard by Adam with his puffed cheeks
As he was cast out with the hysterical angels.

Choices With Voices

one foot in heaven the other in hell got a good story to tell
there was an old Hustler named Oscar who sold his junk out of his freezer.
made his living selling dope to cope while he had a fight with the soap on the rope
one day Oscar was being busted yet he put all his faith in God he trusted
he knew that heaven was still his home but he was now doing time in the pen
Oscar got many visitors wanting to discover the power he had even locked up
he had an inside job selling cigarettes each new day he would reflect

Any house on any hill.

Houses bear with a certain solitude-
Windows stare with eyeless black
Boards are washed, a timeless servitude
They house the dead, but do they know
The living looking back?

Pale in the vale of sun-stripped stalks,
Out in the windless woods walked
Those penniless pitiful few-
Who eked out a life here
For a year or two

And now, in the scraping interlude
Between silent cars and wind gusts through
Sits I, mock monarch to survey,
The kingdom of rooks and slow decay


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