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at this moment,
five minutes ago,

there were a number of things
i wanted you to know-

but i thought i’d save them for

and merely send you

points of view, I hope you’re

and I sure do hope they make you think of

tell me what you think of

tell me what you

if your point naught one percent

does come


thinking of you now at

Greenhouse Effect

To me
You are
The heating sun,
Giver of life,
Shower of warmth.

I am
To you
The iceberg

Daddy's Girl

Pink hands, little feet
small package in the
midst of chaos, adult
hands convey violence
inculpable vessel corrupt.

Who gave the right?
Certainly not I, a
Silent witness to
demoralization, never
tell, never hear, never see!

I do not want to recall
unwelcome hands smacking,
shoving, probing, and poking
thrusting myself inward
I forget to remember ...

Poetic Masturbation

Very beautiful,

bow down to those schizophrenic.....
Who know no more poetry?
Fucking more or less,
Than you or me,
Yes they are nude and totally hopeless
Of course needless to say style-less

However sarcastically
words soft and serene,
They all say
I can never write poetry
As clean.

Boganarte Gate

the heat wavers
rusted bright against
the painful dark

today is an open book
with chapters flowing
and clouds white torn

I could kiss
deep the dark of night
where dreams have
lain waiting upon the
stoney bed of creeks

stubby grasses bright
green and trees twisted
with wisdom and stalwart
dry seasons

turn the tap and release
fresh desire
My mind is parched
and my soul is hollow
like the stretched skins
of the poacher


I came to be inside of her
on a night of fun and laughter
how long in here will I endure
or, upon exit, what comes after

Nutrition causes me to grow
and her belly to swell
but I remain here even so
and get along quite well

The longer that I stay inside
the bigger that I get
When will I see the world outside
in here it's getting tight and wet

Winged Hope Awakening

Swoosh, I hear wings glide
across my quiet spot near
babbling water along the creek.
I imagine
wise owls
limping along winter gray limbs
basking in first streaks of
collecting my vibes
gathering my pains
my joys
together for me
and sending them
to me revamped,
and wrapped with hope.
I stir out of
comfort to
face today
optimism blankets me.

Paradise Lost

How delicate paradise was
Balanced on the scales of human desire
Just a frailty away from chaos.

She's Not My Loss

she said no,
to something she doesn't know
she thinks i'm not worth her cost
whew! she's not my loss...

she didn't believe me
she even disliked me
she's blind to see my angel cause
hell! she's not my loss...

she told me to go away,
sure! i'll never stay..!!
love's hard to find when it's out and lost,
after all, she's not my loss...

Nazi Commie Yellow Terrorists

Fear not Nazis,
for they are fools and nearly extinct.

Fear not Commies under your bed,
McCarthy's vile invention has been exposed.

Fear not the Yellow Peril,
for they are you, or your neighbour.

Fear not terrorists,
just the last in a long list of lies
for fear ascribed
to freedom proscribed
by the Patriot Act.

Fear the fear that governs.

Though on a personal note,
I fear none of that.
I piss in its general direction.


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