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No Feet...

I saw a man that had no feet
So I wanted to lend him a hand
but he said; "No thanks
I already have two"

I told him that I thought
it was funny that he could make
a joke about having no feet
He said; "I never joke about that"

"I did think it was strange
that you offered to lend me a hand
when I already have two
and I really need some feet"

I Focus on What I Have

Sometimes I feel I have no body
and yet just a pair of eyes, or ears, or wings
depending on what I focus on
looking, listening or tumbling down the hill.

Sometimes I feel I have nobody.
And I enjoy my solitude
having one egg for breakfast
made on a small frying pan for one.

Salinger without a cover, the first pages
rounded and browned, lies on the table.
I drink coffee from a blue cup
and watch rain slowly freezing on
rhododendrons along the glass walls
of my home.

Single ONE LINER---- not many takers

When one is fully saturated, better some one squeezes

Hungry as a Dog

Never seen anything as hungry as a dog
Will grovel lonely at your feet
Til you either throw him out
Or give him food to eat

He’ll tap and tap down at your feet
Stabbing each and every toe
You’ll push against his soaking mane
Begging him to go

Reaching up to catch your ear
He’s screeching out a howl
You finally throw a bone his way
And hear not another growl


i breathe
one breath at a time
each inhalation linked to the exhalation before it
yet every breath stands alone
there's something tenuous about it
this soft machine is on thin ice
devoured by time in innocent increments
like a moth nibbles away wool

my heart
little gorilla
wearing itself out
rubber glove with a hole in it
weird luck

my eyes are bright
solar blue ball lanterns

if you saw me
you would say
good bones
river of envy


I dream of space
of peace
of kindness
I can't sleep for dreaming


The snow on these sentinel trees
melts slowly then drops to below
though tonight it will all refreeze
when the frigid north winds blow.

One drop well aimed goes down my neck
as I slowly walk through winter woods
listening to woodpecker's peck
where a long pine's shadow broods.

White barely blankets duffy ground
yet it muffles each foot fall
so almost silent I make my round
while up ahead jays fuss and call.


I am the fool today
Tomorrow the greatest to ever happened to your generation,
Your grand children will read,
Not you,
You do not deserve me.

I am a fool
Like Mark, Bil, Faraday,
Like Plato, Like Einstein I guess
Like Friedmann, like Hubble and Lemaitre.
Pythagoras was a fool,
Sokratis, Aristotle too,
Until you lick their asses in classrooms
Just to bag a degree to fix the remains of your pathetic lives
Religion had drained with delusion.

Poetry About First Love

There's just something about a first love that creates such profound emotions in us that we are indelibly marked by our experiences with the person who manages to steal our heart for the very first time. In fact, the memories of that special person seem to never fade. The first time we held hands, the first kiss, these are moments that are marked by an innocence and a timid sweetness that is unique to first loves and, quite honestly, difficult to describe in words. That first love, for a lucky few, may even create a bond strong enough to last forever.

Can You Fix Me?

A young, effusive child that smiles sunshine
There’s poetry in her eyes, eloquence in her stance
Her mind is constantly pacing at racing speed.
This tragic girl, darting her eyes in tiny circles.
Locked in a frigid barren office, alone at last she sighs.
Finally the Doctor comes in and the broken girl cries
Can you fix me? Can you fix me? Can you fix me?


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